How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Leadership skills can play a large role in career development. Technical skills may only take you so far. To help you move forward in your career, you’ll probably need soft skills, such as the ability to be a good leader. Therefore, leadership skills are considered important traits that can help you get to the top of your career field. You’re more likely to be hired or get a promotion if you’ve been successful in leadership roles in your professional or personal life.


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Som ledare och chef är du delaktig i att skapa förutsättningar för att dina kollegor och medarbetare ska lyckas. Det innebär en hel del ansvar och krav. För att positionen som ledare eller chef ska bli lustfylld och inte övermäktig finns en rad olika ledarskapsverktyg att använda. Vilka verktyg som passar dig och ditt personliga ledarskap beror på vem du är som person och hur du vill leda.

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Rekommenderar vår samarbetspartner Ventilux AB

Ventilux började erbjuda tjänster inom ventilation Stockholmredan år 2007, med ett erfaret arbetslag. År 2014 utvecklades företaget till aktiebolag. Idag har vi kunder inom hela Stockholm och arbetar med all form av ventilationsarbete och service. Vi arbetar också med bemanning – det vill säga att vi hyr ut vårt arbetslag till andra företag som behöver utföra arbete med ventilation Stockholm.

Vi lägger mycket stor vikt i att lämna kunden med ett resultat som vi kan vara stolta över, och som vi vet kommer hålla i många år framöver. Vi vet nämligen hur viktig er ventilation är för er. Ventilationen i ett hus spelar en oerhört stor roll i människors hälsa och välbefinnande samt även i elkostnaden. Utan en välfungerande ventilation Stockholm kan ett hem i princip vara obeboeligt.

Ventilux arbetar med olika typer av ventilationssystem, men en personlig favorit hos oss är FTX-ventilation. FTX-ventilation är bättre för hälsa, komfort och kostnad, jämfört med vanlig ventilation Stockholm. Här kan ni läsa mer om varför vi rekommenderar FTX-ventilation och hur det fungerar.

Vi erbjuder ventilation Stockholm tjänster för privathus, företagslokaler, bostadsrättsföreningar mm. Hos oss finner ni kvalitativ ventilationsservice både för befintliga ventilationssystem och för nybyggen. Ventilux är ett välkänt namn på ventilation Stockholm marknaden, tack vare vår höga kvalitet, rättvisa priser och goda kundkontakt. Vi hanterar alltid varje ventilation Stockholm kund individuellt och tar fram den lösningen som fungerar bäst just för er.

Källa Ventilation Stockholm

Professionell webbdesign från våra partners


Vi är glada att presentera vår sponsor och partner – BliStar AB. BliStar erbjuder högkvalitativa tjänster inom allt relaterat till IT, Webb och Media. De har tjänster och produkter tillgängliga för både privatpersoner och företag.

En av deras populäraste tjänster är webbdesign. Så här beskriver BliStar själva denna tjänst:

Din webbdesign är din webbsidas ansikte. Webbdesign är direkt avgörande för hur kunden ser dig eller ditt företag.

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The Leadership Style Matrix

By the Mind Tools Content Team

When you start to manage new people, how do you know which leadership style you should use?

There are a number of things that determine this. For example, does the work have scope for creativity, or does it need to be completed in a specific way?

Would close management be best, or should you encourage your people to work independently and deliver a finished product?

Different people and different types of projects need different leadership styles. But how do you know which approach is best for each project, person, or situation?

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Leadership Styles

By the Mind Tools Content Team

From Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill, to Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs, there can be as many ways to lead people as there are leaders.

Fortunately, businesspeople and psychologists have developed useful frameworks that describe the main ways that people lead. When you understand these frameworks, you can develop your own approach to leadership, and become a more effective leader as a result.

In this article and video, we’ll highlight some of the common approaches to leadership that you can use. We’ll also look at some specific styles of leadership, and we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Useful Leadership Style Frameworks

So, let’s look at some useful approaches – shown mainly in the order they appeared – that you can use to become a more effective leader. Your own, personal approach is likely to be a blend of these, depending on your own preferences, your people’s needs, and the situation you’re in. Continue reading

Tough Times. 3 Tips How to Guide Your Team Through

By Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily Managing Editor

Sales and revenue are falling short. Your company is facing the prospect of downsizing. Your best employee suddenly quits. No matter the circumstances, your team’s morale is at an all-time low, and it’s your job as their manager to lift their spirits and get them back on track.

This is no easy task. It can be hard to see the positive when everything seems to be falling apart. But every company goes through rough patches and growing pains, and it’s during these times that a team most needs a strong leader to help them weather the storm.

“If employees don’t have confidence in the leadership team, they may question the future of the organization, wonder whether their role is safe and either become disengaged or start to look for a new job,” said Kim Littlefield, senior vice president of Keystone Partners. “Employees need to feel heard, understood, recognized and appreciated by their managers …  especially during rough patches.”

Based on the advice of company leaders and entrepreneurs, here are three smart ways you can keep your staff motivated to persevere through tough times. Continue reading

How to be a Modern Leader. 5 Modern Workplace Challenges

By Sammi Caramela, B2B Staff Writer

Today’s business leaders have to deal with ever-changing tech products, globalization and a new generation of workers. Nothing ever stays the same. Just as society changes and develops, so do workplace challenges. As a leader, you must be able to adapt to the technological advancements and economic forces that directly impact your team. Here are five modern leadership challenges and how to handle them.

1. Technological advancements

The latest and greatest tech tools from a few years ago are now obsolete, and business leaders may find it difficult to adjust. But staying ahead of the curve means using these gadgets to your advantage.

The more experienced leader may never feel comfortable with technology. If you’re not comfortable, allow your younger staff to help lead your company into a more technology-friendly direction

2. Globalization

The internet has opened the doors for global business opportunities in many different industries. While the increasingly global economy has given businesses the chance to enter previously untapped markets, it also means that leaders need to be more aware of what happens in those markets.

3. Demographic shifts

Along with globalization, today’s business world is seeing a huge shift in demographics, Engelmeier said. Disposable income and spending power have increased greatly for Generation Y, as well as Latino and African-American populations in recent years, so diverse input in the workplace will be required to adapt to this changing market. Continue reading

How to Admit Mistakes. Are You Really Sorry?

By Sammi Caramela, B2B Staff Writer

No one perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. If you admit to your faults and express your remorse, you might expect to be forgiven. However, managers are rarely believed to be sorry.

The research found that when powerful figures apologize, it comes across as disingenuous. According to leadership coach Jack Skeen, co-author of “The Circle Blueprint” (Wiley, 2017), employees think bosses only apologize to avoid conflict. This belief can be detrimental to your team. It’s crucial for workers to be on the same page as managers, and even the smallest disconnect can cause tension and lead to poor results. Want to ensure your employees trust your sincerity? Here are three tips to persuade your team that you really are sorry.

1. Develop strong company culture.

If you show your workers that you’re interested in more than just their work and how it benefits the company, they’ll begin to trust you.

Talk to your team about topics other than work, and find ways to reverse the roles. So you can cater to them for a change. This can be as simple as brewing coffee for your team or bringing bagels to work.

“If we can see our staff members as human beings and, most importantly, make them realize that we view them as worthy, unique and inherently valuable individuals, they won’t struggle to believe we are sincere when we apologize,” Skeen said.

Anyone can be a boss, but not everyone can be a leader. Be considerate of your entire team, and they won’t doubt your emotions for a second. Continue reading