3 Important Things to Teach Your Future Leaders

By Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily Managing Editor

Some people seem to be born to be leaders. However, even if you have some features necessary to be a leader, people don’t simply become great leaders overnight. They must be developed through ongoing learning and training opportunities. If you want to invest in your company’s future through leadership training, here are a few key things to keep in mind.

Help them understand the difference between leading and managing.

If a leadership candidate seems more excited about being “the boss” who’s in charge of others, they’re probably not the best person for the job. Leadership is different from management. Leaders need to be interested in growing the skills of others, not just in delegating tasks or managing processes. Effective leadership coaching should include a focus on self-awareness and emotional intelligence, empathy, managing change, and the importance of mentoring others to be strong leaders.

Teach them the ins and outs of your business.

A good leader must always be training the next generation of leaders. To do this, leadership candidates need to be well-versed in where your business is headed, and what kinds of people and skills will be needed to make that happen. All employees should be encouraged to become experts and leaders in their fields of expertise

Help them envision their future.

Employers need to keep junior staff engaged and empower them to feel valued; otherwise, they may jump ship before they can reach a leadership position within your company.

Leadership development takes time. Potential leadership candidates need to be able to take the long view and see their training as part of their future at the company.

“Becoming a leader is a marathon and not a sprint. It takes time and effort to develop effective leadership skills. Future leaders must be able to be held accountable for shortfalls and be open to criticism for continued grow and development.” (Walter Lynch, CEO of Zipline Logistics)