Concierge service is your personal assistant

Concierge service is your personal assistant

We are created to fulfill your requests or grant your wishes. It can be anything from delivering a bouquet of flowers in the early morning to arranging a holiday on the little-known island of Fakarawa. Any errand will be completed in the shortest time according to all your preferences. Dreams come true with our service and life becomes more comfortable. The Önskemål company will take care of any worries: booking hotels, renting real estate or transport, buying tickets, selecting restaurants, setting up sport and cultural events, making exclusive purchases, making an individual travel tour and fulfilling many other wishes of yours.

Detailed description of concierge services:

1.Hosting an important event

We will help you to prepare for a special event, so that you can breathe easily, save time and just enjoy the atmosphere. We will arrange a room, reserve a table or a whole hall in the best establishment, provide quality staff, select photographers and videographers, and find transportation if necessary. Transfer your flight of fantasy to the real world.

2.Doing a personal errand

You can assign anything to your personal assistant, even if it is in another country. Book a hotel, arrange a transfer or escort, find a VIP room for business negotiations or a company for a joint vacation, come up with the best options for leisure or give you a marriage proposal, meet relatives or deliver food to the house, clean up the yard and many other tasks. At your first request, any desire within our limits will be fulfilled.

3.Travel organization

Our concierge service will arrange a fantastic vacation. You can tell us about your wishes by using just two sentences. We will easily choose the best options that will completely coincide with what you desire. For you, the assistant will develop an individual tour or select an already ready one. Do you dream to go on an expedition or a romantic trip to a ski resort or just a place to relax? Maybe you want to combine different types of recreation into one? Don’t worry! We will take everything into account. We will also help you collect the necessary documents or insurance, book a transfer, and select the best restaurants and places for entertainment. All you have to do is to enjoy your dream vacation.

4.Information services.

We will search for the right information or courses, give advice on any issue, and find the best online teacher or an interesting movie on Friday night. If you are too busy to arrange it, we will be happy to take care of it.


Tell us that you want to have fun and we will be here with our suggestions. We can find sports or music events, festivals, escape rooms, and new restaurants