Looking for a professional

Looking for a professional

Onskelista is a reliable service that will easily find a professional, using a web version or mobile application to perform your tasks. Everything is very simple and most importantly it is totally free!

You just need to place a gig or your work on our service, and after a short period of time you will start to receive offers from professional who will be ready to start work. And also vice versa from the customer who is ready to entrust you with an up-to-date offer or vacancy.

Onskelista is the safest and most free service for finding work and providing services.

Customers can:

  • Place an order.
  • Verify your identity as a reliable customer;
  • Get an offer from performers who are willing to perform it or find a performer on their own through categories;
  • Choose the best and most experienced professional.
  • Confirm the performance of the job and it is advisable to leave a review about the quality of the performer’s work.

The proposal should be described in a free form and in details.

Examples of tasks with the word “need”: walk with the dog, create a website, get a haircut done at home, clean up the garage, look after the child, talk on the phone, find the goods and deliver it to you, help with learning English, bring food, go together to the movies and more.

The performer can:

  • Place their offer as a vacancy.
  • Send a response to the customer’s job or receive an offer from him.
  • To verify your identity as a highly qualified specialist;
  • Choose a reliable customer;
  • confirm the performance of the job and preferably leave a review on working with the customer.

Examples of tasks with the word “can”: teach drawing, organize an event, do a job search, write a script, give a massage, shoot amateur videos and more.

A little bit about remote work and who is it suitable for?

For a modern person remote work is an opportunity to lead the desired way of life, a kind of balance between work, family, relaxation and occupation of a favorite thing.

Location and work schedule are the only difference between remote work and an ordinary work.

Someone who wanted to work remotely, they did it. But so far the remote labor market is not overcrowded. If you have a great desire to learn, try something new and in general change your life, then it is worth trying. Work from home will allow you to devote more time to yourself and your business.

People who worked remotely, successfully started their business and became customers, not executors. Free work schedule allows you to develop as an individual, in the office unfortunately not many people can decide on it because of lack of time.

Do you have a basic job and still do not have enough money? You can take an extra job with a decent salary. Perhaps later you decide to make money regularly online by changing the office to work at home.

Working remotely, you can get additional knowledge in any industry. Companies hiring employees remotely willingly take specialists even without work experience. It’s much easier to train new employees from zero for a certain job than to remake ready-made specialists for yourself.

Completely different age groups of people from 16 to 60 years old want to work remotely:

  • Women on maternity leave;
  • Students;
  • People who don’t want to connect to other people and work in the office;
  • People who have low earnings on basic jobs;
  • People who want to try their hand at a new business;
  • People who are constantly changing their place of residence;
  • Highly qualified professionals who do not want to leave their hometown, but are seeking to receive high salaries for their work and many others.

Pros to finding a dream job remotely?

  1. You have a flexible schedule, that means more free time.
  2. Save time and money without having to commute.
  3. There is a lot of work, even if you are not a professional specialist (there are vacancies even with no experience).
  4. Well-paying job.
  5. Work at home is much more comfortable, you can also work in a cafe, in a park, on the beach or on the cottage. You are not tied to your place of work, so you can work from anywhere in the world, the main thing is to have access to the Internet.
  6. There is an opportunity to work with European and American companies.
  7. A new and useful experience.
  8. You can work as: a programmer, designer, artist, online store seller, writer, copywriter, translator, smm-specialist, manager, PR, tutor, or blogger.
  9. There is a way to learn something new.
  10. You can work in multiple locations at the same time on a remote basis or combine with the main work.

The candidate for remote work must meet the criteria:

  • To speak competently orally and in writing;
  • Be a professional in your field and it is advisable to provide a portfolio or recommendations from a previous work (if there is a possibility and necessity);
  • Be able to work with yourself, as you will not have a team at a remote work;
  • It is imperative to be diligent, patient, creative, ambitious, attentive, responsible, etc.;
  • It is important to focus on the result (to perform everything with a high quality) so that they want to cooperate with you in the future;
  • The desire to develop yourself, to undergo training, to have self-motivation and a huge plus will be if you motivate yourself for personal growth.

Hurry to place your job on our website! Don’t lose time to search. We have the best specialists and vacancies.